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The Tank was asked to create a brand for CTL that represented their revolutionary technology in hydro power generation. After the initial meeting with the guys from Concept Tec we felt compelled to not only create a brand identity but to create some animations for them to take to the governments around the World. As greenies at heart we where inspired by the technology and excitement and motivation motivation to go above and beyond was felt by the whole team.

Once the logo and corporate stationery and marketing material was developed, Matt Clark (Animator) and David (Art Director) sat down with Steve West to begin to understand the technical and scientific components to a complex and never seen before theory. Although the equipment has been produced at a small scale it had not yet been utilised in industry and it was clear that it was difficult to communicate the process in a simple video of the equipment running. We could see Steve's vision to roll these systems out all over the globe.

The Tank produced two animations which have been very well received by the head of GE in the UK and senior government officials in places such as Wales, Scotland, Germany and many others. The technology is potentially going ot be used all across the UK and is part of University studies in power generation. A CMS website and brand support materials accompany the logo and animations.