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The Rodpak group owns several large pallet manufacturing and process plants around Australia. It presented The Tank with a challenge to generate an OHS and induction program to deliver key messages and learning outcomes to potential employees.

Through consultation with key management and also employees we decided the best way to deliver it was through an animation. Matt Golding who is one of The Tanks cartoonist and also works for The Age, Melbourne came up with a set of characters to cleverly tell the story. Through satire and some light hearted copy and cartoons, viewers could enjoy the messages without the boring old powerpoint show.

After watching the presentation the participants could then login through an ipad to the online questionarre and answer a set of questions relating to the program. Through an admin panel the management staff could see a users answers and see recorded results for past and current candidates. This was a crucial component for OHS requirements and would mean a fail safe record of all staff.

The Tank is now offering Induction DVDs to all industry and look forward to future work in this area.