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It is always an exciting prospect to work with companies that are creating innovative and exciting products that could help aid global warming. Colin from Enerji approached The Tank to create a new brand and communication tools to deliver a new direction for the organisation. The existing brand had been around some time and it was time for a change!

It was an important part of the brief to create a logo that reflected the blue economy. Enerji was renowned for being green and needed to show its growth and evolution from feel good to commercially and industrially viable. The modern E shape helped do this and with a new font and colour pallet we where able to capture the right look. With a full compliment of stationery and marketing material a complete overhaul of all internal and external communication was redesigned and deployed.

The Heath Ledger Theatre was booked in September 2013 and through an animation by Matt at The Tank, the stakeholders where presented with the new brand with a bang. The audience where immediately engaged with the new brand and felt part of the new face of the organisation. A CMS website went live the same day and all those connected with the business where inspired by the staff's presentation of the identity.

Always great working with innovation and enthusiasm that helps the environment and we wish Enerji great success in taking their products to all Australian power plants in the coming year.