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Royal IT wanted to communicate themselves more clearly to the market place. Could an IT firm be cool and explain things to their clients without the lingo and propeller hats?. Through market research we realised that the reputation of IT companies was a challenge as they are usually very stereotyped and misunderstood.

The Tank came up with a new positioning line of "Simply Sophisticated". This was a clever concept to deliver the idea that just because the intelligence and cleverness of the team was high it didn't mean it couldn't be a simple and easy process. New typography and layout was crucial and a new website was created along with a brand guide to protect and care take the marketing and design in the future.

The Tank used brand mascots to reinforce and deliver the message of intelligence, high quality, innovative yet transparent and simple. Albert Einstein was selected as the brand hero. His quote of "if you can't explain it simply, you probably don't understand it well enough" became the positioning statement for Royal IT and benchmark to how they serviced customers.

We also produced a phone app and a set of brochures and support material for the organisation. The website used architecture to illustrate examples of contemporary and free thinking as well as clever design. They loved designers who risked a little and went outside the norm to produce outstanding and ground breaking form. This again came back to the philosophy of the brand in not fitting the mold. 

The business continues to grow and have shown incredible growth over the past 2 years, post re-branding.