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MF's came about from two things: Mental Health and Food, but you probably could have guessed that.

They believe ultimate wellness isn’t a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your own body; spiritually, mentally and physically. The owners had suffered, recovered and experienced a range of mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, attempted suicide, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. They had trialled and experimented with a range of methods to improve their way of life, and had been down a bumpy road.  Like others they had fallen down, but got back up…and now feeling pretty darn great.  They discovered:  “Constant exercise and good clean nutrition is the key in helping your mental wellbeing thrive”.   Looking awesome is just an added bonus!

The Tank was engaged to produce a brand that showed an infancy and togetherness of the two best friends as well as the "core" of the business. An dissected apple shape showing two seeds was created. The apple icon was placed over the top of a swirl of jelly to illustrate the fun and relaxed nature of the girls. We produced a range f stationery and en e-commerce website to allow members and new visitors to find great recipes, wellness packages and new products around food and fitness.

The website was launched in May and has already gained a growing number of followers and fans. Well done girls and we love the Smoodies.