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Brainstorming a new business name is always an honor and a challenge. The guys from Modus met with Dave at The Dome in Victoria Park on their lunch break with an idea to launch a new business in property services. They had been in the real estate game for some time sore an opportunity in the management and provision of property services.

Through years of real estate sales and management experience the guys found a niche´ business model. The business name came to David in one of his "shower moments" - when he thought about what was a the core of this offering. The name Modus was scribbled on the shower glass. Using the words Modus Operandi as an inspiration. A logo and corporate brochures we created and later down the track signage and vehicle branding. A set of brand support illustrations where also provided as well as a range of advertising material.

When it was time for the website - the brief was simple! "We don't want it to look like a website". The website features an interactive interface and is centered around a search function as they wanted their clients and potential clients to get to what they wanted as quick as possible. As a long standing client we are proud of Modus and have enjoyed seeing it grow!