Over the years the way we do things hasn't really changed. The process has been sharpened, yet the objective and basic principles remain. For us it is always about collaboration with our clients. We don't just work for our customers, we work with them.


We think it is this part of the design process that it most often missed and yet most important. We need to walk in your shoes a little to understand the problem or to really find the right strategy. You know your market far better than us, so listening and researching is number one on our priorities.


With any project, having a plan and desired result is a key factor. Blindly entering into a client brief is not our way. All projects should have KPI's and a game plan, just like in sport. Whether its increasing awareness or growing sales, we think it should be measured against an initial strategy and set of goals.


This is the fun bit, and where we come into our own. The design process for most designers is ongoing, and often the best ideas come in unexpected moments. It is not a forced intense session but a permeation of thoughts and feelings with the client brief in mind.


We love the opportunity to develop an idea or create a digital solution from the ground up. We see the best designers as those who can take an idea or concept through to a refined piece of art or application. Our team work together to not only generate ideas but to take those to a level that challenges and inspires. To find out how far we can push it.


Supporting clients into their new brand or new site is an important role for us. Often its not only important to change or modernise a brand or website, but also the thinking behind that and how that business relates to it. Brand is not a logo or a website but a lasting effect on a user or customer. An expectation of quality and service and a tone of voice. We help our clients move!


We love launching a new brand or website or unveiling a re-brand to the market place. Sometimes the way in which this is done is as important as the design itself. Taking it on from stakeholders or taking notice from the broader audience should be considered and approached with thought and meaning.



When we started our business in 2011, we had a rough idea of what we wanted. We found David Jobson at The Tank Studio, and called mainly because his website was impressive and that’s what we wanted. As it turned out our initial ideas on the branding were pretty average, and he found a nice way of asking if he could reassess them a bit. We were happy with that and he came back with a bunch of options. We settled on one, and let him go to work. What we have found great about working with David is that he is very accommodating, and was keen to see the business develop and the brand follow. What we are now versus our initial ideas is drastically different, and David has been able to help us adjust the brand to the business throughout the process. To anyone looking to get their branding set from the early stages of business, or to totally revamp what isn’t working I would thoroughly recommend The Tank Studio.

Mark Grogan | Director
Modus Property